Under the Weather


Have you ever made art out of something that caused you pain? After being on the receiving end of a medicated needle, a bandage-and-cotton-ball combo covered my pierced arm. To represent the week I was under the weather, I photographed this combo against a white poster board to give it a lightweight appearance. It looks like a cloud being taped down.

Before disposing my medication, I was inclined to photograph the leftover pills. On the same poster board, I emptied out my two pill bottles and began stacking the pills as high as I could without them tipping over. Here are some of my tries:

I skipped over the orange pills, and decided on the white ones. Finally, they towered in an imperfect form. Here’s the before version:


By now, the pill bottle’s orange color influenced my artistic direction, so I replaced the background:

Next, the pill bottle was photographed and altered:

Did you notice the drug and pharmacy name? My cousin, Blunion, and I have an ongoing joke about the word bakwaas, which means nonsense in Urdu.

One more thing! Here are the inverted versions of the pills and bottle:

What started as doctor’s visit ended with white, orange, and blue pictures of my bandage and medication. I designed three new patterns that could be worn as scrubs by anyone with a sense of humor. It could also replace your local doctor or pharmacist’s coat. You can check them out by clicking/tapping the button below!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Which of the pills, bottles, or pattern designs did you like the best and why? Please let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,