Downtown Aquarium


Last October, I visited the Downtown Aquarium and was astonished by the variety of animals and their skin patterns. Here are some of the sea animals I photographed.

A floating fishy friend.

I thought the next animal was a type of coral, because it seemed to be attached to a rock. Its graceful expanding and retracting form makes it look like a cross between a jellyfish and coral. This Cassiopea jellyfish, according to my internet search results, is an upside-down jellyfish!

Can you imagine living life floating upside-down?

Now for the land animals!

A bathing snake relaxing in a pool with a fancy spout.

Below, I saturated this snake’s green and desaturated its yellow, because I was interested in enhancing its scales.

It brings a green Sprite soda can to mind.

A poison dart frog.

This ferocious sculpture appeared at the entrance of the snoozing white tiger’s exhibit.


Catching z’s.

Thank you for reading and viewing this far! Next week, I will be sharing some textures that I photographed at the Downtown Aquarium.

Until next time,


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