Pondering in Patterns


I believe that most men’s fashion is tame. Therefore, I’ve always enjoyed colorful patterns on clothing for their vibrancy and repetition. Among the many disciplines that take inspiration from nature, animal skins have found their way into fashion. Patterns like cheetah, leopard, or snake skin seem to always be in demand. What if we went beyond these to discover other treasures in the animal kingdom?

Last week, I shared images from my trip to the Downtown Aquarium in Houston. This week, I’m sharing the patterns and textures that caught my eye either while I was looking at the animals in person or editing their pictures afterward. Check them out below!




But you said we should move beyond snake skin!

I know, but green snake skin looks nice.




The remaining patterns are reflections of coral on the surface of water, viewed from below.

Were you intrigued by the patterns, or see yourself wearing any of them? Let me know in the comments below!

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